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I’ve gone and done it again. I’ve just requested my ballot to vote in this year’s US Presidential Election. What’s that you said? (No, I’m not talking to imaginary presidents, I’m just being dramatic) “How can you vote, you live in Canada?” Well, as it happens to be, the United States is one of the few countries in the world that allows it’s citizens to vote by absentee ballot in Federal and State elections, even if they no longer live in the United States.

Are you an American student studying here in Canada?
You can vote!

Are you here temporarily for business or family reasons?
You can vote!

Are you living in Canada for many years, with no real plans to return stateside for the foreseeable future?
You can vote!

Have you never lived in the United States, but are American by birth?
Yes, even you can vote!

Here’s the scoop – your voting state is determined by the last state you (or your parents) resided in before coming to Canada (or any other foreign land for that matter). That’s why I’m a proud Pennsylvania voter.


Lady Voting in USA election

Registering to vote as an Absentee or Overseas voter is easy. Just go to www.FVAP.gov, the Federal Voting Assistance Program, fill out a simple form, print it out, mail it, and you will receive an official ballot for the election.

This blog is non-partisan, so I really don’t care who you vote for, just request a ballot and vote. It’s your civic duty. Besides, it’s fun and will make you feel closer to your roots. Imagine if your voting state is one considered to be a swing state, such as Florida or Ohio Imagine watching the results role in November 6th and they come to your state. What if it’s too close to call and they won’t be able to determine the outcome until they count all the absentee ballots? Think of the power you hold. What if you don’t care for either of the candidates this year? You can always do the “cancel-out” vote. I’ve done it before. You find another same state voter and you each vote for one of the candidates, thereby cancelling out each other’s vote. You’ve still voted but haven’t  given either candidate the edge.

Democrat and Republican Scale


So request your ballot and vote in this year’s election. Help determine if it’s going to be four more years of President Obama or if Mitt Romney get’s a chance. Why should only those Americans living in the USA have to take all the blame for the next four years?




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Well, it’s been fun having some time off to celebrate the winter holidays. There are so many great December holidays, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day. Yes, here in Canada Boxing Day, December 26, is an officially observed Holiday, a paid day off work.

All my American friends and family keep asking, what on earth is Boxing Day? They want to know if it’s the day you throw out all your boxes or the day that there are all-day boxing matches. Today it is celebrated in the same way as US Black Friday; A day of massive sales, long line-ups, and normally sane shoppers acting in erratic ways in order to score a bargain. But other than the fact that I saved $30 on a new iPod and got half price socks, Boxing Day, has to have a meaning. Doesn’t it?

I did a little research.

Believed to be of British origin there are many theories:

1. It was a day in which British Masters gave a box of goods and probably the day off to their servants who were required to work on Christmas Day.

2. Another origin has it was that this was the day Church box donations were opened and given to the needy.

3. Sill another theory had boxes placed on ships. If the voyage was successful, the box was given to a priest, opened on Christmas day and distributed.

In other words, as I suspected, no one seems to know. It’s always been a dream of mine to bring Boxing Day back home to the United States. Think about it, an extra day off. A day spent stimulating the economy. What more could you ask for. The meaning of the holiday doesn’t apply to America? That hasn’t stopped anyone in Canada or the rest of the British Commonwealth with incorporating it. Join in.

If anyone reading this knows the true origin on the holiday I would love to hear from you. To paraphrase Charlie Brown in his classic holiday special: Isn’t there anybody who knows the true meaning of Boxing Day?



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