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While visiting New York last fall, my relatives gave me a little gift to take back with me. Every year in October, hoards of people eagerly await the arrival of a certain product, sold in familiar yellow packaging, that only appears as the leaves start to fall and disappears as soon as spring rolls around. I’m talking about Mallomars.

box of mallomars

Mallomars are cookies, consisting of a graham cracker with a marshmallow on top covered in dark chocolate. While I like them, I’ve never felt the obsession other people have with these treats. People have been known to stock up on them to secure themselves a supply long after they have disappeared off of store shelves. People from other parts of the country become upset they can’t find them in local stores as they are usually only found in the New York and North East region. In fact, 70% of buyers are from the New York area according to the Mallomars box. The reason for this exclusiveness? The makers of Mallomars claim that the chocolate quality will not stand up in the warmth of summer or in warm climates. I guess they’ve never heard of refrigeration. It’s no coincidence Mallomars are known as the cookie that plays hard to get.

And where does this cookie quality control originate? Where are these seasonal and regional cookies manufactured? Right here in Toronto, Canada. That’s right, these fall and winter wonders are made right where I live. Does that mean I can buy them here in Toronto? Of course not, although there are similar cookies sold here such as Dream Puffs and Whippets, which come from Montreal. Both by the way available year round. Don’t they know the havoc chocolate covered cookies can cause once the temperatures rise above freezing?

box showing Mallomars are Made in Canada

This box of Mallomars cleary shows they are Made in Canada

I don’t know if I can really embrace a cookie that wields such control, dictating when and where it is sold. I’m not into snack food manipulation. But if someone gives me a box as a gift I will gladly accept it.


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