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Social Media has ruined my annual Super Bowl viewing tradition. I still have the big game, the half time entertainment and great food. But, what made it stand out for me personally were the commercials, or I should say my commercials.

Living here in Canada, it used to be that most of these commercials were never seen until after the game. When Canadian cable companies simulcast an American program they’re allowed to insert their signal over the Canadian one. Meaning, even if you tune to the American channel, you will receive the American one. Unless, you watch TV as I do, with a rooftop antenna, thereby receiving your American signals pure and untouched.  My very first blog posting here dealt with this very topic. (Read Posting)

This was my special time of year- my chance to say ha to all those cable bound Canadians. But now that has changed. These days many of these ads are released days prior to Super Bowl Sunday on various social media channels. You no longer have to wait and they are viewable regardless of where you live.

I try to avoid this temptation. Call me a traditionalist. Call me old-fashioned. I still want to watch them as they unroll during the game on my couch, popcorn and root beer in hand. I just can’t watch them beforehand. I would liken it to peaking at your presents before Christmas morning, if I actually celebrated Christmas.

So what did I think of the commercials this year? As usual they never seem to match the build-up. Some made me laugh, at least a little, like Amy Poehler at Best Buy or some of the Doritos ads . Some disgusted me, like the Go Daddy ad. And some just confused me. But my favorites are always the ones that pull at my heartstrings and this year there were quite a few, particularly the Budweiser Clydesdale returning and remembering the trainer who made him who he was. I also love the ones that touched on Americana such as the Oprah voiced over Jeep ad featuring military families waiting for loved ones to return or Dodge Ram’s God made a farmer.

Did you see them all yet? What was your favorite?

I can understand why brands would want to release their ads before hand: the ability to grab attention and generate conversation, building a social media campaign around it, continuing up to and during the game. I get what Oreo did on twitter after the stadium power went out.

I guess times are changing faster than I would like them to. But I think I can still hold to my traditions. As Charlie Brown might say (I seem to paraphrase him a lot) ‘I won’t let social media ruin my Super Bowl watching’. I will still wait for those ads to reveal themselves during the game. I won’t watch them before on social media channels. So, don’t ask me how I liked them until after Super Bowl Sunday. Then I’ll gladly tell you on twitter and Facebook.


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