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I’ve always tried to keep this space unbiased and non-partisan. I intended it to be a fun spot free from controversy. However, I am about to enter murky waters. I am about to discuss something that could be considered so provocative it could enrage the entire nation of Canada. More controversial than discussing socialized medicine. More controversial than cheering on Team USA over Team Canada in world hockey tournaments. I have to just come out and say it. I do not like Tim Hortons coffee.

For the uninitiated Tim Hortons is the major coffee and donut establishment in Canada, founded by the Canadian hockey legend. Much larger a presence than Dunkin Donuts stateside, it may even rival McDonald’s in popularity in this part of the world. It is said you know you’re in Canada when you see that familiar sign. Many Canadians say they feel homesick when away from their “timmies”, a common nickname.

Tim Hortons sign

I’m not trying to start a riot or make some political stand. I just get a stomach ache every time I drink the stuff. I don’t enjoy drinking something that makes me feel ill. I have no problem with their baked goods. I have had their donuts and ‘timbits’ (their version of donut holes) many times. While not superior to any other chains, they are pretty good. Tim Hortons is also a very charitable company whose annual Camp Day promotion sends thousands of children to summer camp.

How Tim Hortons coffee became the unofficial national drink of Canada, I have no idea. Just what is it about that coffee that made it develop such a following? Is it the taste or is it more the reputation?

I’d like to know why this coffee is so popular. Surely, there are others out there who share my dislike for it. Are you a Tim Hortons lover or hater? Leave me a comment and let me know.


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