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Brooklyn Mama and the Mysterious Beep

Hi Everyone. Seems like I haven’t had anything to say for the longest time. I figured it was time to enlighten all my readers with a cute anecdote about my mother, known in these pages as my Brooklyn Mama. This story happened a few years back, but I swear it is true. No parts have been fictionalized for dramatic purposes.

One day, I was in the exercise room/laundry room of Brooklyn Mama’s house when I heard a noise, an intermittent slight beeping noise. I felt I needed to inform Mom of this even though I knew the response would be an unexplained state of panic. “Houses don’t beep” she cried. “We have to find out the cause of this noise. If we don’t the house can explode” Even though I didn’t share this impending doom, I agreed to help find the cause.

Picture of a scared woman

After searching the house, the sound seemed to be coming from the area around an old telephone jack and wires on the ceiling of the downstairs room. A call to the phone company was in order. After trying to report a strange noise on the line that was neither static nor buzzing, but beeping, it seemed the noise was not telephone related. A call to the gas company followed, because we were possibly sitting on a bomb ready to explode. When that failed to determine the cause, and the mysterious beeping continued, Brooklyn Mama really started to get nervous.

About a week later, I was down in that room again and heard that dreaded beeping. Despite the danger, I edged closer to it, the noise getting louder with each step I took in that direction. I started looking through some cartons stacked below it, when there it was right before my eyes- an old smoke detector, picked up at a garage sale a few years back, supposedly with a dead battery. It was emitting that familiar sound smoke detectors give when the battery is starting to fail. I pulled the battery out and the beeping ceased forever. All was now safe. Words of advice- if you have a nervous mother keep her away from garage sales.


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