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Brown Sugar Pop Tarts

Most of you who have read these pages before know I have some beefs with the lack of availability of some foods here in Canada, decent pizza, bagels, etc. But there is another area that needs to be discussed. I’m talking about foods that can be purchased here but only in limited selections. I may live in a country that offers freedom and opportunity but I don’t have access to a wide choice of Pop-Tarts®.

Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts® have got to be one of the greatest foods ever invented. Enjoyed both warm out of toaster or straight out of the package they are the perfect example of food that is both tasty and convenient. Great at home or on the go. Don’t get me wrong I am very happy that they are available for sale here in Toronto, but why the limitations on flavors? At last count, there were 29 flavors available for sale in the USA.  In Canada: seven flavors. Not to mention the shortage of special collections like the Ice Cream Shoppe line or even packages of minis, which opens up a whole new world of Pop-Tart® enjoyment. US varieties also offer unfrosted and special seasonal editions like Pumpkin Pie and Sugar Cookie. There are even lower fat versions and one’s with added fiber, which speaking from personal experience have proven quite effective when need arises.  But here in Canada with the exception of S’mores and Chocolate Chip you are basically left with just your traditional chocolate fudge, a childhood favorite, and your fruit flavored fillings, never a big hit with me.

Canada is a multi-cultural country with people from all corners of the world. Yet, we can’t even feature a double-digit amount of flavors of Pop Tarts®. Why not some special Canadian only Pop-Tart® introductions? Then again these are people who thought Ketchup and Dill pickle made for good Potato Chip selections so maybe its best to keep them out of the toaster pastry business.

Do you have a favourite Pop Tart flavor? Maybe a traditional favourite or a now retired variety? How do you like to eat them hot or cold? I have even heard of people eating them frozen. That daring I’m not. I’d love to hear what you have to say so leave me a comment.


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