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Today is Sunday. In Canada, it is the day before the great feast of Thanksgiving. In my case, it’s the day after the great fast of Yom Kippur. In Canada Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday of October. In America it is celebrated the fourth Thursday in November.

I  always thought October is it too early to celebrate a major holiday like Thanksgiving. The way my people, by that I mean the ones from Brooklyn not the ones Moses led out of Egypt, celebrate it in November seems like a more ideal time. With that in mind, I decided to do a head to head comparison to see which Thanksgiving celebration came out ahead.

Time of year:

Canadians celebrate in early October; barely a month after the kids went back to school, just a few days after the official end of summer. Americans celebrate at the end of November. The days are getting shorter. School and work demands are starting to get larger. Seems like a good time for a holiday break to me.

Advantage: US


Early October is a beautiful time in Canada and many areas of the United States. Many plants and flowers still remain in bloom. The trees are starting to display beautiful autumn colors. By the end of November the flowers are gone, the trees have mostly shed their leaves and a look of winter is in the air.

Advantage: Canada

Proximity to other holidays:

This of course depends on which holidays you celebrate. In Canada, it is celebrated before Halloween and before the rush of the Christmas season. With fewer distractions, it is more convenient to plan a festive meal. However if you celebrate the Jewish holidays then Thanksgiving in October can prove inconvenient with it often coming right before, after and sometimes on the actual day of a religious holiday.

Advantage: Even


It is very rare that one would get caught in a freak October snow storm. Travel delays are usually not a concern for the Canadian Thanksgiving. You may even get plenty of outdoor time.  Late November is not so risk free. I have heard of many a Thanksgiving plan ruined due to bad weather.

Advantage: Canada


US related programs include, The Macy’s Parade with floats, celebrities and gigantic balloons, a National dog show, a holiday classic like Miracle on 34th street, 3 NFL football games and Charlie Brown preparing a feast of toast and popcorn for his pals. Canadian TV offers a double-header CFL day and the Oktoberfest Thanksgiving parade live from the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

Advantage: US

Day of the week:

Celebrating on a Monday means Thanksgiving is celebrated at the end of the weekend which often means get togethers may not be held on the actual day but a day or two earlier. However it would give plenty of preparation time to those hosting the big day. Thanksgiving on Thursday is the start of the big weekend; A weekend to spend shopping at Black Friday deals, watching football or just unwinding with friends and family. I guess it depends on if you like your down time before or after the big day.

Advantage: Even

I guess after a careful analysis there is no clear-cut winner. So I will leave it up to you my faithful readers. Vote in the poll and leave me your comments:


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