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World Trade Center Tribute in Light

Tribute in Light

September 11th. A date that needs no explanation. We all remember where we were that day ten years ago. I am probably one of the few that did not watch it as it unfolded. A light schedule, and a beautiful fall morning, I decided to take advantage and run a few errands by foot. Nothing seemed out of the usual while I was out. It was only when I returned home I realized the world as I knew it had changed.

I remember that short period of time, hours that felt like days, when I did not know the status of my relatives who work down in Manhattan.  While they all were physically fine, some have memories that will never fade. Maybe I felt guilty by having a couple of extra hours of innocence, but I could not leave the television coverage for the next week. I remember my mother dragging me to her friend’s previously planned party. It was like she was telling me it was okay to join life again.

I look at my soon to be ten year old cousin today, her mother pregnant with her at the time, the surprise girl after three boys. How close was she to being one of those September 11th babies, never to know one of their parents?  I think about those children and how they are doing today.

Even though I live in Canada the tragedy and pain of that day was felt as if it happened around the corner. I think when it’s a place where you know people, a place you call home, the hurt feels deeper. I never felt more an American than on that day. Ten years have past. Like all Americans tried to do, I went on.  As the seldom heard lyrics of America the Beautiful go:

“O beautiful for patriot dream
That sees beyond the years
Thine alabaster cities gleam
Undimmed by human tears!”

The site of the World Trade Center is being rebuilt. The 9/11 Memorial opens today and the 9/11 Memorial Museum one year from now. One World Trade Center will be the tallest building in the United States. Hey, New Yorkers still have to gloat. Hope lives on. But we all will remember what happened ten years ago today on a bright clear Tuesday morning.


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I haven’t posted for a while. I’ve been recovering from some minor eye surgery. You know what they say; surgery is only minor when it involves someone else. While everything went smoothly, I did have quite a painful first 24 hours. I was lucky to have my Mom, my Brooklyn Mama as she is known on these pages, to help me. After her ‘Terms of Endearment’ call to the doctors’ office, where we were assured everything was normal, she went to her usual remedy. My mother may look the part of the sweet Jewish mother on the outside, but she harbors a secret. She is a drug pusher. She pushes Advil.

To my mother Advil is the cure for everything, from pulled muscles to headaches, from PMS, to massive injury. On first complaint of any symptom no matter how minor, she’s pushing Advil. Back from the dentist, take some Advil. Stub your toe, take some Advil. Burn yourself, apply a cold compress- but it couldn’t hurt to take a few Advil. If an accident were to happen where paramedics would need to be called, I’m sure she would advise to take a couple of Advil while you waited. When one of her neighbors was having trouble recovering from surgery, there was Mom looking to help out, bringing his wife a Ziploc bag with Advil in it. She is not just a pusher she is also a distributor.

I should point out that it does not have to be the name brand ADVIL® and usually isn’t. Any brand of ibuprofen will suffice; we just refer to it as Advil. Lately, she’s been favoring neon orange 750 count massive bottles from Costco. She often brings these home from her visits back home to New York. So, I guess we should add drug importer to her titles.

Don’t get me wrong. Everyone should be happy to have a mother so attentive when they are feeling under the weather. When I’m sick nothing tastes better than her homemade chicken soup. If I’m really sick, I even get Matzo Balls. With a side dish of Advil of course.



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