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I’m almost ready for my yearly visit back home to visit all my friends and family. Besides my memories, I also like to bring some items home with me. Among those things are Drake’s Cakes®.

Drake’s cakes are snack cakes sold in New York and other North Eastern States. After brief expansion, they failed to catch on in other areas of the country. They remain a nostalgic treat for people who have moved away from areas where they are regularly sold. There are many companies that ship them worldwide. Florida and service people overseas are popular destinations. They have had some recognition in recent years thanks to celebrities such as Jerry Seinfeld and Rosie O’Donnell.

Founded by Newman E. Drake in Brooklyn in 1888 with a single pound cake he sold by the slice, Drakes’s cakes now come in many different types. I would like to offer an introduction to those of you who are unfamiliar with these products. I have listed them according to their popularity with me.

Devil Dogs®

Devil Dogs

 Somewhat my favourite by default as it comes in a reduced fat variety. A Devil Dog is a sandwich consisting of two unfrosted Devils Food cakes with a white creamy filling. They are shaped like hotdogs, hence the name.

Coffee Cakes®

Drakes Coffee Cakes

Also available in a lower fat choice, these are pound cakes with a streusel crumb topping. With two in each package the lower fat version allows you to eat both at one time or share with a friend if you’re feeling generous.

Yankee Doodles®

Yankee Doodles

Formerly my favorite, before learning of the dangers of fat and cholesterol, Yankee Doodles are unfrosted Devils’ Food cupcakes with a creamy center. There is a distinct hole on the top of the cake where the filling went in. These are also packaged in twos. They are similar in taste to the Devil Dogs.

Sunny Doodles®

Sunny Doodles

A Yellow cake version of the Yankee Doodle. They are nice change from the Chocolate when you want something a little different.

Ring Dings®

Ring Dings

These are the favorites of many people I know. I like them too, but they are very rich so I only enjoy them occasionally. A Ring Ding is a frosted chocolate cake with a cream filling. It is similar to the Hostess Ding Dong, or as it is known in Canada the King Don. After doing some research I learned that Ding Dongs were branded as King Dons in some areas as to avoid confusion with the Ring Ding. If its one thing I hate its confusion over snack cakes. Although most places have gone back to the Ding Dong moniker, in Canada they remain King Dons. At least I am no longer wondering who Don is and what exactly he is the king of.

Funny Bones®

Funny Bones

A frosted chocolate cake with a unique Peanut Butter filling. I’m not that into Peanut Butter so I don’t really look for these when I’m out.



 Basically a chocolate Swiss Roll. I like them, but don’t really see much difference from products offered by Hostess and Little Debbie which are available here in Toronto.

Fruit Pies®

Drakes Fruit Pies

I must admit, I am not a big fan of mixing fruits and snack items. For those who like this kind of thing they come in Apple and Cherry.

Canadian Vachon® Snack Cakes

Vachon® is a company based in Montreal that makes snack cakes here in Canada. They have some very interesting choices, such as the Joe Louis®, the May West® and the Ah Caramel®. For full product descriptions and pictures visit http://www.vachon.com/. Some of these are tasty, but nothing I have become attached to. Maybe because here I watch my diet and don’t normally purchase snack items. It might also be because these are readily available. They say the harder something is to obtain, the more you desire it. The heart wants what the heart can’t have. So does the stomach.


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